Product Summary

CY2212ZC-2 is a Direct Rambus Clock Generator.


CY2212ZC-2 absolute maximum ratings: (1)VDD, ABS Max. voltage on VDD, VDDP, or VDDL with respect to ground: –0.5-4.0V; (2)VI, ABSMax. voltage on any pin with respect to ground: –0.5-VDD + 0.5V; (3)VIL, ABSMax. voltage on LCLK with respect to ground: –0.5-VDDL + 0.5V.


CY2212ZC-2 features: (1)Direct Rambus clock support; (2)High-speed clock support; (3)Input Select option; (4)Crystal Oscillator Divider Output; (5)Output edge-rate control; (6)16-pin TSSOP.


CY2212ZC-2 block diagram