Product Summary

The TMS370C742ANT is a member of the TMS370 family of single-chip 8-bit microcontrollers. The device provides cost-effective real-time system control through integration of advanced peripheral function modules and various on-chip memory configurations. The TMS370C742ANT is implemented using high-performance silicon-gate CMOS EPROM and EEPROM technology. The low-operating power, wide-operating temperature range, and noise immunity of CMOS technology coupled with the high performance and extensive on-chip peripheral functions make the TMS370C742ANT devices attractive in system designs for automotive electronics, industrial motor, computer peripheral control, telecommunications, and consumer applications.


TMS370C742ANT absolute maximum ratings: (1)Supply voltage, VCC, VCC3: -0.6 V to 7 V; (2)Input voltage range, All pins except MC: -0.6 V to 7 V; MC: -0.6 V to 14 V; (3)Input clamp current, IIK (VI < 0 or VI > VCC): ±20 mA; (4)Output clamp current, IOK (VO < 0 or VO > VCC)): ±20 mA; (5)Continuous output current per buffer, IO (VO = 0 to VCC)): ±10mA; (6)Maximum ICC current: 170 mA; (7)Maximum ISS current: -170 mA; (8)Continuous power dissipation: 1 W; (9)Operating free-air temperature, TA: -40℃ to 85℃; (10)Storage temperature range, Tstg: -65℃ to 150℃.


TMS370C742ANT features: (1)CMOS/EEPROM/EPROM Technologies on a Single Device; (2)Flexible Operating Features; (3)Internal System Memory Configurations; (4)Two 16-Bit General-Purpose Timers; (5)Serial Communications Interface 1 (SCI1); (6)CMOS/Package/TTL Compatible I/O Pins; (7)On-Chip 24-Bit Watchdog Timer; (8)Eight-Bit ADC1; (9)Flexible Interrupt Handling; (10)TMS370 Series Compatibility; (11)Workstation/PC-Based Development System.


TMS370C742ANT circuit diagram