Product Summary

The Altera EPM5130LC is a user-configurable, high-performance Multiple Array. The EPM5130LC provides a high-density replacement for 7400-series SSI and MST TTL and CMOS logic.


EPM5130LC absolute maximum ratings: (1)supply voltage: -2.0 to 7.0V; (2)programming supply voltage: -2.0 to 13.5V; (3)DC input voltage: -2.0 to 7.0V; (4)DC output current: -25 to 25mA; (5)Power dissipation: 1000mW; (6)Storage temperature: -65 to 150℃; (7)Ambient temperature: -65 to 135℃; (8)Junction temperature: 150℃.


EPM5130LC features: (1)Complete family of CMOS EPLDs solves design tasks ranging from fast 20-pin address decoders to 100pin LSI custom peripherals; (2)The advanced MAX 5000 architecture combines the speed, ease of use, and familly of PAL devices with the density of programmable gate arrays; (3)Available in a wide variety of packages, including DIP, SOIC, J-lead, PGA, and QFP formats in windowed ceramic and plastic one time programmable versions; (4)An industry standard EDIF interface to workstation and third party CAE tools is available.


EPM5130LC circuit diagram